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Free Online Legal Advice – Is it Safe?

Need Legal Advice?

Are you seeking free online legal advice? Most people who have serious legal matters should not go the free route. You often get unreliable and unaccountable information online. There are many low-cost legal plans available. Pre-Paid Legal Services, is a monthly service that individuals and households purchase as a hedge in case of the need for any type of legal advice or consultations, etc. Pre-Paid Legal has been around for several decades and some are saying it will continue to be a hot product in the near future. Identity theft and credit restoration are two of the biggest topics being talked about in the legal industry. Identity theft is the United State’s fastest-growing crime and there is no short-term resolution in sight.

How It Works

According to Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., this is how their membership program works: Pre-Paid Legal will pre-screen and select a Law Firm from their list of nationwide providers. When the customer has a legal issue or question they will need to call their designated Law Firm for further information and help. It’s very simple to use and hassle-free. Members of this service have no worries about the service they will receive and can trust that the Law Firm will provide the quality service that was promised. A lot of people take advantage of the internet and seek free online legal advice. The problem with the internet is there is no accountability and the information you might find is not necessarily accurate.

What To Expect

Most people will never use their service. Experts say that it’s better for low-income families to save their money rather than a hedge against the need for any kind of legal services. The average legal plan ranges from $18-$25 a month. If one were to save that money over the course of five years they would have accumulated between $1,080-$1,500. Most people do not have that kind of expense for legal services over the course of a five-year period. If you are a middle-class family or higher then legal services might benefit you due to higher risk and more assets etc. Ultimately, one must decide if they want to take the chance of finding themselves in need of quality affordable legal services when an emergency comes their way.

My Personal Experience

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc has been the dominant leader in this industry. Membership levels climbed to 1.5 million in 2008. However, many other companies have emerged onto the scene including a consulting firm called Zurvita. Zurvita offers a plethora of essential service-based products one of which is called Zurvita Protection. I personally recommend this company over Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc because of the extra value and customer service provided by the Houston-based company. If you are on a shoestring budget and need basic legal advice you have a few options. You can look for free online legal advice or ask a question to a lawyer online but I don’t recommend it. Prepaid legal service is much more reliable and user-friendly. The old phrase, “You get what you pay for” could never be more true in this instance.

Business Opportunity

Many individuals who are open-minded about business opportunities have found great success with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc and Zurvita along with several others. Most people market this service through word of mouth but traditional forms of marketing like this have a lot of people concerned. Most people would rather not talk to their friends and family about the new business or services they are selling.

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