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Literary Fiction

Who We Are Instead

Kyla Stone


Lena McKenna thought she escaped her past when she earned a photography scholarship to a top university. It's been two years since she's seen her troubled younger sister Lux or set foot in the house haunted by the memories of her dead mother.

Everything changes the day her father suffers a massive heart attack. Lena puts her dreams on hold and rushes home, only to discover that Lux has run away. As she cares for her dying father, Lena reconstructs the past, struggling to understand the betrayals and secrets that broke her family.

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Joanie Pariera


Told partly in first person, GRAFFITI is a humorous look at how people fall short of the expectations we have of them, dealing with friends or acquaintances enduring bereavement or similar tragic events. It is the story of Vipin, an Indian techie working in the USA, as he tries to cope with death of his wife.

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All Sides Now: A collection of literary love stories

Louise Cole


These are not simply love stories. They are stories about people in love. An enchanting, funny and very contemporary collection of stories about romance - from all sides. The anthology features women who love too much, too late, too little or too lustily. Stories of those who should leave but don't, would leave but can't, or have finally grown out of running away. See a fling from both sides, the woman who is struggling to rebuild her sense of self while craving a second chance at romance, and the man who doesn't stop trying to save his wife even many years after she's gone. All Sides Now is a literary exploration of the pain, the risk and the beauty of being in love.

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Tales Of Regret: A Collection of Poetry

Earl F Spangler


A collection of Poetry dealing with Regret of love, romance and life.

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Triangle of Hope

Michael Meyer


Life grinds you down, but there's always hope--and sometimes it can come in the strangest of ways....

After being battered by life's cruelness, three unlikely friends find themselves drawn to a small Irish town seeking something--anything. Finding solace in one another, their quest throws them together and they make a courageous stand.

Clint Westerly was a success until a choice he makes blows his world all apart. Tanya Wilshire is broke and hell-bent on committing to her mother's final deathbed request. 84-year-old Seamus Harrington needs to right an ancient wrong before time runs out.

Together, this unlikely trio of unexpected allies forms a Triangle of Hope against all odds, their disparate stories uniting for a thrilling conclusion that will leave the reader breathless.

If you love feel-good reads with happy endings, then TRIANGLE OF HOPE is for you. It is "a book that will stay with you forever." - Wanda Hartzenberg, Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers

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Amie an African Adventure

Lucinda E Clarke


An action packed, page turning book set in Africa as a young and naive English woman fights to survive alone in the wild after fleeing a civil war.

This forst book in the amie series has won several international awards and been a #1 bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

(Also available in Spanish)

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