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Is Charley crazy, delusional or dead?

Follow her amazing, emotional journey and emerge into the battle with her nemesis - herself.

This inspirational fantasy will take you into realms otherwise unknown, turning your world upside down while you'll be wondering what is real and what is not. It's an adventure, a mystery and an imaginative fairytale for adults.

Gone was a story motivated by a true event.

Julie Elizabeth Powell has written with stunning aplomb and related Charley, the main character to anyone else in the world to a stunning degree... R. J. Palmer

Wow, this was one of the most powerful books I've read in a long time... C. K. Raggio

'Gone' is a wonderful, trippy, mind-bending, and deeply touching story... Maria Haskins

Gone' is a story that pulls you in, and keeps you reading. The book is filled with characters that stay with you long after the book is finished... Yvonne Lee

It's a magical adventure that I highly recommend for everyone... Darcia Helle

'Gone' uses a fantasy tale to tell a very important story about how our actions and choices in life affect other people... Maria Savva

A fascinating fantasy with surprises at every turn... Sheri A Wilkinson

Cover Design: Julie Elizabeth Powell
Source Photo: Angel Feather Wing by taeya18 (Free Digital Photos)

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Julie Elizabeth Powell

I cannot ignore my dreams, so many of them, with names and places and ideas that spark my imagination and compel me to write; to create stories, whether fantasy or horror, or mystery or psychological thriller or murder or even humour and adventure. So, my garden is sown, flourishing, with all manner of growth, and still the dreams come.

Julie Elizabeth Powell, my soul lingering within my imagination; maybe you’ll join me?

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