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Goodbye: short stories


Only during dreams, we can be truly free
Short and long. About women, men, death, and friendship. Each one is different. About love, passion, fight and destiny. Stories that are completely different from each other, but at the end they are all connected.

What happened in the coffee shop nearby the film school? Why a father, while mentioning school time didn't tell whole truth? How it's possible that heart can beat after death? What happened before the pilot of the aircraft Il-62 Tadeusz Kosciuszko on 9th of May 1987 gave a radio message "Goodbye! Hello! We are dying!". Is it true that the people, who are making suicide remain with living people after their death? And why it happens that sometimes high above the ground, radio is silent?

Fourth day of December
Her last suicide
How do you hear me?
Yes, Captain
Syndrome of broken hearts
Security guard
Half an hour of Tadeusz Kosciuszko
First step in the sky

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Aleksander Sowa

Aleksander Sowa - freelance writer, self-publisher, Web 2.0. author of Polish origin and writing in Polish. His books and ebooks have been also published in English and German.

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