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Graveyard Rose: A Gothic vampire fantasy romance series (The Rose Chronicles Book 1)


Stay out of the woods at night- An easy rule for the people of Maldorfina, but not for seventeen-year-old Lenara Gerrickson. In fact, she's been sneaking out on dark New Moon nights on her own secret missions.

Handpicked by the beautiful vampiress, Annabelle, Lena carries on her family legacy to protect the people from the scourge of the nulan- the mindless undead creatures that plague the land.

She is sent to investigate a looming threat from a new breed of werewolves along with the other elite warriors of her rank, but the company falls into unseen calamity. Fate puts her in the path of a mysterious masked hunter who saves her life. He has his own secrets to protect but Lena can't help her feelings towards the stranger.

She is soon forced to choose between duty and freedom, but if she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything. Here begins the incredible tale of a lost maiden and a mysterious gentleman who calls himself a beast...

Books in the complete Rose Chronicles series:

1) The Graveyard Rose

2) Blood Red Rose

3) Immortal Rose

4) Lost Rose

5) Winter Rose: The Prequel

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Ginny Clyde is an Electrical engineer by profession and is worked in the renewable energy sector. She started writing fanfiction in her spare time and after a whole year of writing; she decided that she would start writing an original series with her own characters. 

She has spent a considerable amount time in Scotland which led her to develop a love for folklore, dark faerie tales and an interest in Celtic mythology and paganism. Her stories portray this love affair with the supernatural.

Although, work and tight deadlines often have her drinking coffee, she is a tea-lover at heart and spends her free time concocting floral blends. Needless to say that she enjoys her afternoon tea with all the accompaniments of sandwiches, cakes and good company. 

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