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Groundhog Secrets: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woodchucks (Nature in Quebec, Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife Book 2)


Discover the secret world of the groundhog through the eyes of Margot the woodchuck while gaining a close-up view of wildlife in whimsical photo illustrations.
Awards: A Readers' Favorite Book Award 2018 (Bronze Medal) in the category children's non-fiction
An Outstanding Book (category winner) and IAN Book of the Year 2018 in the category children's non-fiction.

Do you love animals, nature and children's books? Then 'GROUNDHOG SECRETS - Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woodchucks' certainly is for you.
Do you want to know more about the woodchuck? Then this book packed with information about groundhogs (who are also called woodchucks) is for you! Margot the woodchuck reveals all her secrets. She describes how groundhogs are born, what they look like and who is in their family. She talks about how they fill their tummies in summer and autumn, to store fat for the long winter months. Even medical doctors and scientists study the groundhog's hibernation. Find out why in this fascinating illustrated book.
Children's non-fiction: 6 - 12 y
non-fiction, education, encyclopedias, nature, animals, mammals
44 pg

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Lieve Snellings

Lieve Snellings is a retired freelance photographer who lives in Leuven (Belgium). 
Her series of children's books 'Nature in Quebec, Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife' count now 2 books, available in Dutch, English and French.

Lieve Snellings became 'BookGoSocial Top Voted Children's Author 2017' and 'Readers Review Room Author of the Month October 2017'.

Her images illustrated many books, magazines and were published online. Her photos were shown in exhibitions all over the world.

Since 2008, after meeting up with her partner who lives in Quebec, you can find her for about 4 to 5 months a year in Canada. There she became a passionate nature photographer. She spent hours, weeks... observing wildlife and searched every info she could find. This and her imagination made her publish two children's books in which photos are as important as words. The books are written in her mother tongue Dutch and translated in English and French.

Lieve's fantasy is that 'image and word create together a new reality'. Enjoy her books.

You can follow her on twitter: @SnellingsLieve
And on facebook:

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