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Hades' Star: Hostile Takeover


On Earth, Paul just never fit in. That's why he joined the Federation Navy. Purpose, structure, and the promise of adventure in a distant galaxy tugged at his soul. But the slick recruitment vids weren't the real reason he inked a 20-year contract aboard the TFP Icarus. No, the real reason was the smell of cheap perfume. Dezzie's perfume to be exact.

So, how'd that work out for him? In his own words:

How was my second year aboard the TFP Icarus? Well, I chased a woman to hell and back and won her heart. Sort of. I got a promotion and led a team of Marines in a war against mysterious alien forces intent on seeing me dead. I was accused of being a corporate spy and saved a colony from hostile takeover. I broke up with my girlfriend, fraternized with the Admiral's daughter, and discovered the substance that binds the universe together. Well, not really. I didn't actually fraternize with the Admiral's daughter. But after the year I've had, I probably should have.

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Doug Wallace

Doug Wallace is an author of sci-fi and fantasy. His award-winning short stories have been pulbished in several anthologies and magazines. He has written three full-length novels. When not writing, he can often be found wandering about the Wasatch Mountains of Utah where he lives with his four children.

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