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Hawk's Spell (The Swamp Witch Series Book 3)


Robert Brown-Wing Eschte, The Great Thunder-Hawk of Anasazi Legend has lost his beloved wife. Memories of his life and adventures as a fledgling Were-Shifter plague him night and day. He hears his deceased wife talk to him, he smells her right beside him. Is he losing his mind? Is he the only one who notices these things?

In the realm of the Swamp Witch, things are never as they appear. Your friendly college professor is a Shape Shifting Giant Hawk and his son the Sheriff is a Werewolf and the guy down the road that runs the local restaurant is a Were-Panther. The Swamp Witch is a retired Titan Goddess and her lover is an infamous Pirate who is on occasion, a thirty-foot alligator!

In this story, Hawk takes us on a new adventure and sheds light on some mysteries of his past. A beautiful romance and plenty of action and mystery for everyone!

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Sonia Taylor Brock

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