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Hidden Agendas (The Women of Strength Diaries Book 9)


Ambitious Lisa and Jim Mitchell thought they made the perfect power couple—that they’d live a perfect life together. That all changed when Lisa decided to start their family—without consulting her husband. From that day on, things changed. Their lives changed because they both had hidden agendas that affected not only their marriage, but the lives of their new family, too. And Lisa suffered, too, with the heartbreak of a child who fails to thrive, as well as debilitating postpartum depression, which leaves their union on shaky ground. Can Lisa and Jim reconcile their differences for the sake of their children?

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Tonya Thomas

Tonya Thomas writes contemporary short fiction with themes affecting women, including being a mom, life passages, divorce and remarriage, domestic abuse, body image, and the extremes women go to seek perfection. It's fiction women of all ages and nationalities can relate to.  She hails from Newark, New York, where she lives with her husband and two cats, Sasha and Simka.

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