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Hold the Faith: Early Christianity Comes to Life (The Apostle John Series Book 1)


As Benjamin has discovered, it's not easy being the great-grandson of the last living Apostle.

Every mistake is noticed.
He worries that he should be more involved with his father's business in the Ephesus market, but he enjoys his work as a scribe for his great-grandfather.

Overjoyed to be asked, he accompanies the Apostle John on a two-year trip visiting the Churches of Revelations.
The experiences are challenging, and some are uplifting.

On his return to Ephesus, he is more mature and is ready to marry Deborah.
He has everything planned, the bride price, a good wage and has prayed for favor.

But things go wrong and a chance meeting with a group of strangers has a devastating impact.

He leaves Ephesus in anger and despair after Deborah's father cruelly rejects him.
Bitter, he questions his faith.

Will his flight help him decide on his future?
Or will it take him further from God?
If you like inspirational stories with characters you can relate to, this award-winning book is for you.

Buy Hold the Faith today and start an incredible journey with the people of the 1st century AD

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Susan Preston


Award-winning author of Christian, historical fiction Susan Preston brings to her writing a great deal of life experience, emotional wisdom and diverse skills. A registered nursing sister with experience in psychotherapy, a mother, a registered trainer and assessor, and graduate of a Bible college in Perth, Australia.

A Christian, Preston takes her faith seriously and treats her research as a combination of treasure hunt and mystery tour. Her work has been described as masterfully blending elements from scripture into a compelling story. Her response to the comment was that the characters are real to her.

Fun fact: Originally from Scotland, she believes she could, with a little practice, correctly pronounce the ‘ch’ sound in the Hebrew names.

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