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Holiday for The Hostile: Book two of The Hostile series


Holiday for The Hostile, second book of The Hostile series, is probably even stranger than the first. Serena, plus her unusual friend and partner in crime, Tile X, reluctantly find themselves suffering a family holiday inside her eccentric grandfather’s hovel in Ireland. Who will escape intact from their dramatic holiday from Hell? A paranormal thriller with a splash of horror.

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Joy Mutter

Joy Mutter was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and lived there for eighteen years. After gaining a Graphic Design Degree at Coventry University, she lived and worked in Kent as a professional graphic designer for twenty years. Joy moved to Oldham in 2012 and has been writing and publishing her books full-time since then.

Although Joy has been writing books since 2007, she waited until 2015 to publish six of them on Amazon. Three more books followed in 2016. All nine are now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Two are also available as audiobooks.

Her first three books are mainly autobiographical and form The Mug Trilogy. Books in this series are A Slice of the Seventies, The Lying Scotsman, and Straws. Book four, Potholes and Magic Carpets is character-led contemporary fiction. Living with Postcards is the author's first non-fiction book. Random Bullets is a crime thriller with a paranormal twist.

Her demonic Angel was published in early 2016. It's a baker's dozen of the author's short stories, written in various genres. As well as the paperback and Kindle editions, there is also an audiobook version of Her demonic Angel. She's currently working on producing audiobooks of several of her other books. In April 2016, Joy published another thriller with a generous sprinkling of paranormal, called The Hostile. She has just published its sequel, Holiday for The Hostile plus an audiobook version of The Hostile. Random Bullets audiobook is now in production.

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