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HOT SHORT STORIES: 12 Steamy and Naughty Blowminded Stories


Get ready to dive into the Smutty One-Shot Book, Hot Short Stories, my world of love and lust. Don't be afraid to be naughty dreamers and brave explorers. Be yourself and desire what any man or woman wants. This is the world where anything is possible.

Let’s start our journey together! Buckle up! Hot Zone guaranteed!

Meet sexy jerk, alpha male, billionaire, also virgin and strong female characters from my other books series - FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION and CLUB DRUNKEN CHERRY as well!

Enjoy the steamy collection of short stories for adults.

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Olga GOA

Olga Goa is a Dark Romance, self-published author.

She likes literature that touches people's hearts, that's why the Dark Romance genre has become her favourite. It is full of suspense, tension, and love that readers need.

She loves to communicate with her readers and is glad to receive any feedback about her books. She is mostly busy with her main job, but she doesn't hesitate to make space for her favourite job of all - writing.

Check her Amazon page and her site, give her some lovely feedback! Don't forget to send her a private letter if you enjoyed her stories. Her e-mail is

Enjoy her books! And all the best to you!

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