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How Gordony Defeats The Bully & Has the Courage To Be Who He Is?: Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Kindness, Bullying, and Facing Fears; Ages 4-7 (I'm Brave! 1)


How Gordony Defeats The Bully & Has the Courage To Be Who He Is? is a delightful and whimsical book about good and bad manners for kids.

Gordony and Bondy are two brothers. The older brother is a bully and tries to teach his baby brother how to get respect from others while he is rude and scary them.
“Friends? Who needs friends when we can intimidate everyone and always get what we want?"
Bondy advises his little brother to be fierce, cruel, rough, harsh and to terrorize everyone in the jungle.
All little Gordony wants is to be gentle, polite, well-mannered and to have many friends.
When Gordony behaves as he likes, his big brother is very angry. He is worried that his sibling's manners will damage his status and bad name. The only thing he could do is to chase him away from their area.
The book is for brothers rivalry, for friendship and what lessons we learn when we grow up. How we all are given a choice to be polite or rude.
Kids will learn what are the good manners and how will act the good and the bad person in theirs life. Every kid will love the baby brother and want to act like him and to have many real friends.
This book is perfect for bedtime reading or during some quiet time so kids can enjoy and take in the easy to digest ideas.

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Sylvia Yordanova

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