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Imogen's Destiny: Book 3 of the Chroma Trilogy


Ever wondered what colour a lie is? How about anger? Love? Imogen could tell you. She can read Chroma, the invisible aura of colours we all emit betraying our deepest feelings.

But why? Why is UK born Imogen so different and why has she been taught to conceal her extraordinary abilities?

As she approaches her seventeenth birthday, she is haunted by a terrifying nightmare. Has it anything to do with why her mother has been in a coma for ten long years? Or why she is being hunted by unknown enemy forces? When the seductive Araz enrols at her college, Imogen senses danger. Is he the enemy?

Imogen only has her grandfather to turn to, but he has been frustratingly silent in response to her many questions. All her soul-searching doubts about her history and her identity have gone unanswered for as long as she can remember.

But the truth is about to change everything she has taken for granted as the shadows of her past threaten to overwhelm her.

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