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Imogen's Journey: Book 2 of the Chroma Trilogy


Imogen Reiner, just seventeen, has lived a life of secrecy and concealment in her UK home. Even she was unaware of the truth behind her identity. All she knew was she must hide whilst an enemy hunted her down.

In the space of a few weeks, Imogen's life has been completely flipped.

Now she knows why she is so different; why she self-heals; why she absorbs information so quickly and why she can read Chroma - the invisible aura of emotions able to betray a person's true colours.

The truth has done little to allay her fears. The implications are mind-blowing and have raised even more questions.

Imogen's father and Leo - friend, trainer and unwanted admirer - have been taken prisoner by a regime who want her dead. Why? Could it have anything to do with the five hidden marks on her body? The ones that match her mysterious locket?

Enemy agent Araz, arrogant and self-righteous, was sent to capture Imogen but now appears utterly devoted to her. She has no idea if his change of heart is genuine. Can she trust him?

In the second book of the Chroma Trilogy, Imogen must set off on a dangerous journey to try and free her father and Leo. It will take her further than she has ever been. In her fight for survival, will she discover where her true destiny lies?

* 5 STARS * Readers' Favorite review: "Imogen's Journey is deftly plotted with twists and surprises that I never saw coming. It features great prose and a voice that keeps the reader engaged from one page to the next."

Readers' Favorite 2018 Book Awards Finalist: Imogen's Journey, Book 1 of the 'Coming of Age' Chroma Trilogy.

A unique, literary and compelling read, this will appeal to fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, Brave New World and Twilight.

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