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In Harm's Way: a gripping Scottish Noir thriller


What if someone you loved was in harm’s way?

 What if you were being stalked and no one believed you?

What if you were abducted in broad daylight?

What if you were held captive in a cellar?

What would you do?

Mackenzie Crawford screamed.

What if your wife admitted she had a lover?

What if she went out without saying where she was going?

What if you discovered she’d left?

What would you do?

Derek Crawford fell apart.

What if a troubled woman disappeared?

What if her brother begged you to help?

What if there was no evidence of a crime?

What would you do?

In Glasgow, DI Andrew Geddes puts the case to the top of his list.

What if this was only the beginning?


What everyone is saying about In Harm's Way:

"Clever book with great character development."  Janice Lombardo - reviewer 

"Wow! Atmospheric dark gripping and brilliant." Sarah Hodgson - reviewer 

"an excellent novel, part cop thriller and part study of human relationships." Chris Nolan - reviewer

"If you like a good detective thriller you'll love this one." Annie Belford - reviewer  

"A truly believable story of misconceptions and being alone even when you are with your loved ones." Breakaway Reviewers

Owen Mullen is the best-selling author of The Charlie Cameron Series. In Harm's Way is a gripping psychological thriller, with elements of domestic noir and mystery. It will appeal to fans of authors like Mark Edwards, Gillian Flynn and Ann Cleves

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