Hello everyone! India Kells here, and so happy to share a little bit of me with you all! I’m a romantic suspense and paranormal romance writer. I love reading and writing, especially crazy stories full of action with incredible alpha males and kickass heroines, and, of course, sex! Writing is a way of exorcising so many things in my life, it’s a life saviour, allowing my brain to let off steam and explore new possibilities. A very cheap way to travel and a very safe way to turn your world upside down!

Q: Who is the real India Kells? Is this your real name, or a pen name?

A: Of course, India Kells is not my real name. I was searching for a shorter, punchier name for my books. I wanted at first to keep my first name and just change my surname, but that’s when I thought about my parents. I love them, but I thought about how my father might feel if I decided to ditch the name he had given me. That’s why I decided to change everything.

Q: You live in Montreal, Canada. Have you lived there all your life? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

A: I’ve moved a little bit, but I’ve always remained in the same area. I love being in the countryside. I had horses for a long time and I particularly like having four seasons. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially in winter, but it’s fascinating to observe the change in nature. I was lucky enough to travel a lot. The trouble with travelling is that there are incredible places all around the world. If I had to stay in Canada, I really liked Vancouver. The Pacific Ocean and endless wild beaches are fantastic. If I had to move to the United States, so far, San Diego and Chicago would win. Both cities have very different vibes I know, but they appealed to me. And if I was going overseas, I love Scotland with its beautiful highlands and lochs, although Barcelona was a fantastic place for architecture and food! So you see, the more I travel and discover new places, the more I might change my ideal place to live!

Q: When you are not reading and writing, what are you doing?

A: I don’t have a lot of free time with my full-time job and my writing. But I try to find balance in my life. I go to the gym many times a week, and I’m getting better and better at jogging! I have very interesting and crazy friends who keep me busy. One of our latest outings was to an escape room. It’s a place where you are locked inside a room, and you have an hour to get out by solving puzzles and unlocking padlocks. It sounds weird, but it’s a lot of fun. Movies are great, or a quiet dinner. I’m not a complicated person to entertain. It’s making me get out of my writing cave that’s a challenge”.

Q: You have always loved books. Who has been your biggest inspiration as a writer?

A: When I started, I would have said that my inspiration comes from Nora Roberts and Suzanne Brockmann, but as I evolve as a writer, and I get to know many different authors, it’s them that inspire me more and more. I got to meet and talk to interesting women and men in various genres that are brilliant, helpful and kind. I’m so happy and grateful to know them.

Q: What has been your most outstanding achievement to date with your writing?

A: I try to celebrate every milestone and every book I complete and publish. For me, my first book remains my greatest accomplishment. We tend to forget the amount of work involved in each story, and in my first book, not only had I completed a novel, but it’s when I realized the importance of every other aspect related to publishing. It was an eye opener. When I look back, I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Q: I see you are planning to go to Dublin next year for a book event. Tell us about that.

A: I knew about book signing events, but I wasn’t planning to attend one for a long time. It was an author friend, Maddie Wade, who sent me the information and told me that I should attend. It’s a really big event, but with a great friendly atmosphere. And it’s probably because of that, of everyone so excited to participate, of the fun activities and the possibilities to meet fellow authors and awesome readers that made me want to go.

Q: You write suspense thriller romances as well as supernatural romances. Would you ever consider writing an historical romance? What are you writing now?

A: I never say no to any genre. So far, historical romance is not in my short-term plan, but we never know. I’ve just finished writing a paranormal romance, the second book of my Sanctuary Chronicles, Blind Magic. I’m working on a darker romantic suspense which stems from my previous romantic suspense series and is named Lost Bastard. Darker characters are fascinating because they can tread on the line of right and wrong, and do unspeakable things. And if written right, readers can still like them. I love creating good guys, but bad guys are fun too. And I hope readers will love my crazy characters as much as I do.

Q: Tell us about your thriller romances. Where did the idea come for these and are you planning any more?

A: I think that thriller and suspense will always be part of my books. I find that tragic or dangerous situations push my characters to the limit and force them to reveal their true personalities. I can be inspired by so many things, but mainly it’s the mishmash of news, other books, the music I listen to, the characters that are born in my head… I can’t pinpoint a single thing. And sometimes, out of the blue, the idea for a scene coalesces in my mind and I see clearly what can be the mission, struggle or danger that my characters will face.

Q: Who is your favorite character in your books, and why?

A: It’s difficult to choose a favorite character. Often, the characters of the books I’m currently working on fill all the space in my head. But when I look back, I have a special place in my heart for the two main characters of my book To Trick a Hacker, Dylan and Owen. They are broken in so many ways, and they still have hope for the future. I believe it takes a tremendous amount of strength and resilience to open your heart again, or to trust another human being when you’ve suffered so much.

Q: What is your best advice to fellow authors for book marketing?

A: Be patient, strategic and very stubborn. There’s no magical recipe and I found that often the solution or ideas are coming from your network. Cultivate your relationships, they are your greatest asset.

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