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Author Interviews - Get to Know your Favorite Fiction Authors!

Jake Needham

Jake Needham has a most impressive back catalogue of crime novels, mostly set in Asia, where he has lived for the past 30 years. His latest novel, The Girl in the Window, the 4th in the Inspector Samuel Tay series, was published this month and is now available:

With a “colourful” past and a focussed future, Jake kindly agreed to an interview with One Stop Fiction.

Jake Needham interview

Linda Huber

Linda was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. At the age of twenty-two, Linda went to work in Switzerland, and never left. Her day jobs have included physiotherapy in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, teaching English in a medieval castle, along with several years spent as a full-time mum to two boys and a rescue dog.

Linda Huber interview

Keith Dixon

Keith Dixon is a prolific writer of crime thrillers, most notably the P.I. Sam Dyke 8 book series. His writing has been compared to that of Lee Child. Keith’s latest novel “Storey” is due for release in the the coming weeks.

Keith Dixon interview

Sandra Bass

Sandra Bass Joines is an active member of our writing community and an author who has written both Fiction and Nonfiction genres. Sandra kindly agreed to an interview for One Stop Fiction. As a follow up to Pete Adams's invitation of a book tour last week, Sandra has some great tips for meeting potential readers.

Sandra Bass Joines interview

Pete Adams

Pete Adams is the author of an 8 book trilogy called Kind Hearts and Martinets, and after self publishing books 1 and 2, he signed with Urbane who published book 3, A Barrow Boy’s Cadenza last year.

Pete Adams interview