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Into Darkness


Fate and purpose have a way of working themselves out.

Fresh off an obligatory meal with his stern father, recently divorced Detective Inspector Joe Barber comes to the aid of attack victim Lizzie Reynolds. A passionate relationship blossoms but Joe is immersed in the investigation of a series of gruesome murders of young women who work as dancers in a local club called Sal's. He cannot be distracted.
Still, Lizzie's connection to the club and women who work there horrifies him.

When a suspect is discovered, neither Joe nor his colleague are convinced of the young man's guilt. He just doesn't fit the profile. Samuel Slaski, the club owner's son, is poorly educated and disorganized. He is in stark contrast to the man Joe believes they are looking for.

Big Sam, though, is connected to the crimes. A search of Sal's produces a sinister notebook as Joe gets closer to the truth. When it is discovered that the author of the handwriting contained inside its pages is that of Sam's lawyer, Paul Gregory, the race is on.

Can Joe discover the truth before more women are lost?
What will it mean for his relationship with Lizzie?

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Kerry Watts

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