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Isolation - a heart-stopping thriller, Shutter Island meets Memento


When an office worker receives a photograph of a grisly murder scene, he thinks it's a prank, not the start of a killing spree where he knows every victim.

Nigel Randolph, a solitary man suffering from mental health issues, is implicated in a macabre set of killings, drawn into a dark world of subterfuge and deception, which leaves him questioning his own sanity.

As the police investigation progresses, Randolph discovers evidence that he may have been experimented upon as a child during radical hypnotherapy sessions, and is now victim of a high-level cover-up.

Only if he can piece together what happened to him during the controversial psychiatric treatment of his youth, can he ever hope to find the truth.

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Neil Randall

 Neil Randall is the author of the novels The Girl in the Empty Room, Isolation, The Holy Drinker, The Butterfly and the Wheel, Trust No One and A Quiet Place to Die, and of the short story collection Tales of Ordinary Sadness. His poetry and shorter fiction have been published in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

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