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Jane of Lantern Hill


Jane Victoria Stuart, called Victoria by her family, lives in Toronto with her mother, grandmother, and aunt. Her grandmother is very strict and Jane does not like having to live with her and wishes she could escape. Jane's only friend is Josephine Turner – Jody, an orphan who lives and works as a servant at the boardinghouse next door. One day, a letter from her estranged father arrives, asking that Jane stay with him for the summer on the Island. Jane is very reluctant about going, but eventually she decides to do it. She meets her father for the first time and loves him from the start. The two buy a little house on Lantern Hill, Jane takes on the role of housekeeper and soon becomes friends with all the neighbors. Upon returning next summer, she has many other adventures...

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L.M. Montgomery

Lucy Maude Montgomery (1874-1942) was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, the setting for Anne of Green Gables. She left to attend college, but returned to Prince Edward Island to teach. In 1911, she married the Reverend Ewan MacDonald. Anne of Green Gables, the first in a series of "Anne" books by Montgomery, was published in 1908 to immediate success and continues to be a perennial favorite.

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