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Just A Drop in the Ocean


Are we to be forever defined by our bad choices, or is there hope for redemption?

Two teenagers who connect as pen-pals in the 1970's have their future together all mapped out, until that pesky thing called life, gets in the way. Follow the separate adventures of Teresa Mercado and Nicholas Stevenson as they each search for that most elusive of dreams - happiness!

Through some appalling trials and tribulations of poor choices, domestic abuse, political chicanery, the criminal underworld, prison, and finally redemption, both of them seek their own personal fulfillment. Can they ever be happy without each other? Will these star-crossed lovers ever find a way to reconnect?

A love story that spans two continents and a generation. In the manner of the Thorn Birds, be swept up in the power of their love and believe that love truly can conquer all - no matter your age. A beautiful and moving tale of two soul-mates trying to rediscover the joys of their youth.

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Grant Leishman

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