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Kids who Kill: Cristian Fernandez: True Crime Press Series 1, Book 3


“Why fall in love with life, if at the end I will marry death?”

Cristian Fernandez has the dubious honor of being the youngest person in Jacksonville history to be charged with first-degree murder with no possibility of parole. He is twelve. The same age his mother was, when he was born.

Cristian is accused of murdering his half-brother, two-year-old David Galarraga-Blanco. While he awaits trial, his mother, Bianella Susana, is being held in the same jail. She is arrested for aggravated manslaughter for delaying medical help for her toddler for more than eight hours.

As the trial plays out, and more information comes to light, one starts to wonder who really is responsible for killing David Garlarraga-Blanco? Was it Cristian, or was it his mother?

In addition, is Cristian Fernandez guilty of murder or is he covering up a crime his mother may have committed?

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Kathryn McMaster

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