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Kids who Kill: Eric Smith: True Crime Press Series 1, Book 2


I have just met the Anti-Christ

Derrick Robie's mother warns her young son against speaking to strangers. She never thinks to warn him against children.

Four-year-old Derrick Robie, almost turning five, is a dynamite little boy, always on the go, keen to learn, keen to be independent. One morning, with a fractious younger son with teething problems, Doreen Robie is running late in getting the children ready so Derrick can go to summer camp. Derrick insists that he is a big boy who can go on his own.

It will be a decision she will almost instantly regret because less than fifteen minutes later, her child is dead.

His killer is a sadistic stranger who preys on the little boy and wants to kill him as soon as he sees him.

His killer is thirteen-year-old Eric Smith.

The question on everyone's lips is why? The second question is, did police officers stop a serial killer in the making?

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Kathryn McMaster

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