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Kids who Kill: Joshua Phillips: True Crime Press Series 1, Book 1


This is a true crime story that took place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eight-year-old Maddie Clifton is a bubbly little girl who is friends with everyone in the neighborhood. She is chipping golf balls with neighborhood friends when she goes home to fetch more golf balls but never returns.

Her body is not discovered until a week later. Despite volunteers and police officials scouring the neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL., and even places beyond, Maddie Clifton is found across the street in the home of a neighbour, stuffed underneath a waterbed that he had been using during that time.

The killer is her friend. He is also a closet burglar, destroys and steals property within the Clifton home, is obsessed with graphic porn, violent sexual images, and her older sister, Jessica. He is fourteen-year-old Joshua Earl Patrick Phillips.

He claims it was an accident. But was it?

This is a factual, true crime story.

"We were raising our girls in a Christian home where we prayed every day. What we didn't know was that the devil himself had moved in right across the street."

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Kathryn McMaster

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