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Kyiv Rules - A Director Dudka Short Crime Thriller


'Kyiv Rules' - Crime, corruption & the KGB.

Stubborn, sarcastic, witty and laconic, Gennady Dudka is the longest serving officer in the Ukrainian SBU (the post-independence name for the KGB) and the head of the Anti-Corruption & Organised Crime Directorate.

With a series of high-profile attacks on armoured cars threatening the Government's reputation a week before it hosts an Interpol conference, Dudka is ordered to find those responsible or face the consequences.

Ignoring mounting pressure from the President of Ukraine to retire, Dudka has limited time to prove to both his boss and the bandits that he is still the man for the job. But who is really behind these attacks and is Dudka really meant to finish his investigation?

After appearing in the #1 Kindle bestselling thrillers 'HETMAN' and 'COLD BLACK' Director Dudka now has his own novella.

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