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Last Ride (A Gideon Johann Western Book 4)


Last Ride is the highly anticipated fourth book in theGideon Johann Western series. It joins #1 bestseller novels on in Western Classics,Last Stand, Last Chance, and Last Hope.
Somebody is hanging innocent people in Last Stand, Colorado. Sheriff Gideon Johann has his hands full trying to solve the murders as well as all the other shenanigans that go on in a town of the Old West. He also is learning that fatherhood and a toddler are about as much work as catching outlaws.

Gideon's daughter Joann is now married to Zack Barlow and the couple is finding out that marriage is a lot of give and take while still enjoying the joys of being newlyweds.

Deputy Finnie Ford and saloon owner Mary Sawyer continue their unlikely romance through the difficulties that life always seems to throw their way.

Duane Boehm has written another western novel with enough humor, heartbreak, love, and outlaws to keep you turning the page.

Last Ride can be read as a stand-alone novel, but will provide a richer reading experience if Last Stand, Last Chance, and Last Hope are read first.

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Duane Boehm

Duane Boehm grew up on a farm outside of Petersburg, Illinois. All the time spent driving a tractor gave him plenty of opportunity to let his imagination run wild and not tear up too much equipment. The two passions he developed early in life were the love of playing guitar and reading books.

He eventually moved to a mini-farm outside of Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his wife and replaced planting corn with trees and raising dogs. For a number of years he worked as an IT consultant and continued with being a part-time musician and songwriter. He dabbled in writing short stories with the idea in the back of his mind that someday he would write a novel. One Christmas after watching "A Christmas Carol", he was inspired to begin his journey as a novelist. Since that time each of his westerns has become a #1 Bestseller in its genre.

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