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Leila: Goddess The Second Coming


Leila King leads a difficult life. The turmoil she has found herself in was her own doing, but that did not make it any easier to deal with. Faced with circumstances beyond her control, Leila must find a way to appease her new love, Gordon Roth, yet not lose touch with her strong, female alter-ego, Goddess. At the same time, her concern for her once devoted and obedient submissive pet, Matthew becomes almost more than she can tolerate.
In attempt to distract herself from her chaotic life, Leila frequents the Red Velvet Room, where she can surround herself with like-minded people and embrace her female dominant side screaming from within to be released. It is a welcome release and escape from the brewing situation with Matthew.
On the run and in hiding for nearly killing Gordon, Matthew's continuous contact with Leila puts her at risk of losing it all. While Gordon has pledged himself to Leila, Matthew will always have a special place in her world, creating a plethora of obstacles for the couple. When the law finally catches up with Matthew, Leila is forced to take the stand and testify against him, something she never wanted to do.
With the ultimate questions yet to be answered, Leila's story culminates in a frenzy of head-spinning events that test the strength and resolve of her new relationship with Gordon, and ultimately their futures together. Will his self-professed love and submissive dedication be enough to pull through? We shall seeā€¦

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R.J. Castille

R.J. Castille was born in 1976 and lives in Southern California. She has been writing short stories and poetry since grade school and never ceased to feed her desire to write. Encouraged by her Mother, R.J. Castille set out to complete her first published, full-length, Erotic Romance novel, Goddess. Her tenacious nature drove her forward as her first manuscript came to fruition. Her goal is to provide true to life entertainment.

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