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Letters to Caroline (Brides of Serenity Book 1)


Caroline Morgan becomes a mail-order bride because she sees it as her only chance to escape the horrible fate her uncle has planned for her. But she ends up alone and penniless in the tiny town of Serenity when she arrives to find that there is no groom waiting for her.

Adam Phillips doesn't believe in love. He needs a wife to help him raise his brother's children, but wants a marriage that is strictly business with no chance of heartache. When he finds Caroline abandoned at the train station, he thinks she just might be exactly what he is looking for.

Adam and Caroline soon discover that their growing feelings for each other may change their relationship into something more, but outside forces threaten to rip them apart. As Adam struggles to thaw his frozen heart, Caroline must find a way to keep her past from catching up with her. But will they survive when disaster strikes?

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A.J. Goode

A.J. Goode is a member of Romance Writers of America and Mid-Michigan RWA, as well as a proud contributor to "Chicken Soup for the Soul." She writes stories set in small towns with close-knit communities where neighbors and friends are more like family, just like the small Michigan town she calls home. 

She is a quilter and embroidery enthusiast, and is a single mother of three. She is a firm believer that some of life's biggest challenges can be handled best when faced with coffee, chocolate, and laughter in generous amounts. 

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