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Liking Who I am: a picture book about self-acceptance: lllustrated Book for Beginner Readers, Developing Character and Confidence, Ages 4-7 (I'm Brave! 2)


This colorful children’s picture book is perfect for bringing up the subject of children feeling confident and at ease with their body and how they look. It is the story of a young elephant who discovers that not everyone in the world is alike, but that nature has given to each one exactly what is needed for survival. This includes Nezo himself who learns to be grateful for his long trunk and his heavy body. Reading the book with your children provides a good opportunity for you to talk to them about being polite to others and grateful for the way they are made. You can also talk to your kids about self-confidence, self-esteem and the fact that everyone and everything in nature is beautiful in its own way. Nature knows what each of us needs to be successful and stay alive, even as our young elephant hero finds out.
The story provides important life lessons and the comic book format with its lively, expressive pictures makes it very appealing to young readers and should help you to reinforce the message of self-confidence and gratitude as you share the story with your child.

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Sylvia Yordanova

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