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Little Star


When embittered ex-pop-star Lennart Cederstrom finds a baby left for dead in a plastic bag, he is uncertain what to do, until he hears her cry. It is a clear, haunting, perfectly pitched note, and Lennart decides she will be his project. A child raised in isolation: the vehicle for a pure, uncorrupted music.

But like anyone brought up in a basement, young Theres turns out to have a few idiosyncrasies.

Dangerous ones.

The best-selling author of Let the Right One In delivers a massively entertaining satire on the Idol phenomenon, laced with just the right amount of violence. And introduces the oddest couple of outsider anti-heroines in contemporary literature.

'A dangerously imaginative man.' Herald Sun

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John Ajvide Lindqvist

John Ajvide Lindqvist (Swedish pronunciation: [jɔn ˈajˌvidɛ ˈlɪŋˌkvɪst]; born 2 December 1968 in Blackeberg, Sweden) is a Swedish writer, mostly of horror novels and short stories.

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