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Living Like A Vampire (Suckers Book 1)


Staying alive is hard in a world full of bloodsuckers. What do you do to survive?

Kate has just begun her new job as a high school teacher and is looking forward to living her suburban dream life. All her hopes and dreams turn into smoke as a virus turns people into vampires, roaming the world in packs and killing everybody they can get their hands on. Kate has to pretend to be one of them to stay alive. When she accidentally bumps into a handsome sucker who then mysteriously disappears, surviving is no longer the only thing on Kate's mind.

Will Kate stay alive and human while pursuing this mysterious stranger?

Pick up this action-packed, fast-paced, suspenseful novel and explore the depths of Kate's emotions as she struggles to make sense of it all.

Some reviews received for 'Living Like A Vampire':

"This is an insanely exciting read!!"
"If you have an itch for a great paranormal read, pick up Suckers today."
"This story was easy to get engrossed in, lots of action."
"There's a clever twist at the end, worth reading for."
"I liked the short chapters which made it easy to read just one more chapter."
"A damn good tale of vampires, with plenty to get your teeth into."
"If you like a good adventure story with a gentle, humorous romance, do consider this well-written book."
"I'm hoping there is a second book!"

This book was first published in January 2016 under the name 'Succedaneum.' This is the second edition.

The Prequel of the Suckers Trilogy, 'Releasing A Vampire,' is a novelette about how the virus was released into the world and introduces the main characters of the Suckers Trilogy.

The story of Book 2, 'Raising A Vampire,' fast-forwards ten years from Book 1. Kate is thrown into emotional turmoil when she accompanies her daughter into prison. An old flame there vies for Kate's love again, and she tries her utmost best to keep her family together.

In Book 3, 'Killing A Vampire,' we forward another three years. Kate comes home one day and finds her partner missing. The police don't think there's foul play at hand, and Kate needs to seriously think if her relationship is all she thought it was... until she receives a horrifying parcel in the mail, revealing the past is back to haunt Kate.

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Jacky Dahlhaus

Jacky Dahlhaus is a mother of twins (plural, if you call dogs part of the family), and, after more than twenty-five years, still in a loving relationship with the same husband. She writes vampire romances and short horror stories from her Chippendale desk in their Victorian schoolhouse in Scotland.

Jacky is a fan of books titled 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Urshurak,' 'Shogun,' 'Disk World' novels, and 'The Dragonriders of Pern.' Movies she can watch over and over again are 'Highlander' (but only the first one as there can be only one!), the 'Blade' trilogy, and all the 'Underworld' installments (with 'Rise of the Lycans' her favorite). This should give you an idea of what you can expect from her novels. She does her utmost best to combine components of all of the above into her writing (although dragons still haven't made an appearance). 

Should you want to try a sample of her work, you can get her novelette, which is the prequel to her (vampire romance) Suckers Trilogy, for FREE at her website: Just sign up for her newsletter and you'll get the link to download it from BookFunnel. She warns you, though, that it isn't as funny as the novels from the Suckers Trilogy, but it's up to you to decide this for yourself. 

If you want to connect with Jacky, you can find her on Twitter under @JackyDahlhaus and on Facebook under @JackyDahlhausWriter. You can send her emails about the Suckers Trilogy via, or about other stuff via She'd love to hear from you. 

Jacky regularly writes on her blog about all thing writing, fun stuff, and whatnots. Why not check it out:

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