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Lost Lands (Changing Times Book 2)


Holly lies lost in a snow covered mountain pass, abandoned and left for dead. But her memory will never allow Carter to find peace. Not until he tries one last time to save her from the Evil that now permeates the Lost Lands.

He embarks on a quest to recover his young friend’s body, joining the last remaining Snow Bears sent South to recover the mysterious Crystal, stolen from their people.

But the corrupting seduction of owning the Crystal, opens a Pandora’s box of Evils, threatening the very existence of their world.

On his perilous journey, Carter must fight his way through mountain storms and snow blocked passes. He must face ambush, constant danger, and an agony inflicted on his mind by an unseen enemy, intent on possessing both the Crystal and Holly.

Through every step, Evil is watching, listening and waiting...

From Best Selling author of the Shifters Alliance, comes the tale of a world shattering fight for Holly's soul.

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Shaun L Griffiths

Shaun L. Griffiths was born in Wales. He studied Electronic Engineering at Llandaff College, graduating top of his class.

His first position was with an American company manufacturing computer Hard Disks. After five years in a "Clean Room", never knowing the difference between night or day, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and walked away to travel the world.

After many years spent working and traveling through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, he returned to London, to work in the City's financial district. It was a time of the City’s great Bull Market. He watched first hand the philosophy of “Greed is Good” and “Rules can be Reinterpreted” that brought once great institutions to their knees. The eventual Bear Run and the City's "re-alignment" sent him packing.

He moved to Poland, where he now lives with his family and dog in a house they built in the forest. This is his first fiction novel.

Living in a forest, it's easy to see how Myths and Legends begin. At night, when the trees block out the stars and moon light, you are left with a darkness that you can almost touch. You lose all sense of perspective and distance. Take one wrong turn and you’re lost.

Stand quietly and the forest slowly comes back to life around you. Unseen animals move and invisible wings flap. Leaves rustle. A heavy foot breaks fallen branches. Your imagination runs wild.

Then dawn brings the slanting sun rays that pierce the gloom. You can feel the weight of the towering giants bearing down on you. Watching the wind eddies slowly pass over the tree tops, swaying the mighty pines, it's easy to understand how ancient people saw magical powers moving through the forest. In the silence and gloom, there is enchantment and sometimes, something a little scary.

Forests truly are magical places.

I grew up in Europe, in a family where animals were always a close part of our lives. In my world, we loved the folk stories that told of the loyalty and bravery of our faithful dogs, and the sometimes human characteristics of cats.

Inspiration for writing this novel came from my own Welsh culture. It’s a country of green hills and deep valleys. It’s also a land of ancient King's and Druids, where evil once took many forms, and our hero's died with their devoted dogs beside them.

The Changing Times novels came from a need to remember my own past. The places I’d visited and the people I’ve met. To record some parts of my travels before it was lost or forgotten.

My time in the Himalayas is vividly remembered in Part 1 Cats & Dogs. Nepal is I feel, one of the most interesting places in the world with the most lovely people imaginable.

My time in Egypt’s Sinai desert also helped me to write about a desert crossing in Part 2 (yet to be titled).

Now, I’m settled in Poland, located at the heart of Europe. A country sometimes lost and without borders, but with a people always proud of their heritage. It’s the home of the last remaining part of the Primeval Forest that once covered all of Europe. A forest where Bison still roam and wolves hunt free.

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