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Love's Long Road: An emotionally gripping psychological thriller


"This novel is an eye-opener... a sensational read. Five Stars."

When Bobbie Sinclair’s boyfriend commits suicide and blames her, she vows never to love again. Instead she chooses to lead a double existence, kind-hearted by day and promiscuous by night. She struggles to maintain the balance between light and dark and is sucked into the world of a controlling and ruthless Glasgow crime lord.

Set against a vibrant 1970s urban backdrop, this Scottish noir plots Bobbie’s desperate plight. Constantly afraid of her past catching up with her, she battles danger, adversity and drug addiction on a long and perilous road back to love.

Love’s Long Road is a dark, gritty thriller about guilt and the fear of retribution; it captures to perfection what it was like to be young, female and single in the 1970s.

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