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Mathematical Kisses: a fake marriage short story


Robin Leslie has a pretty unique job: she is the cover wife of a spy. Sounds glamorous, right? It's not. Day after day of playing the housewife in a house that isn't really hers, for a husband she isn't really married to.

Not that pretending to be married to Elliot Leslie, brilliant mathematician, doesn't have its perks. He's a hot silver fox, a playful flirt, affectionate-even if itis fake-and amazing in bed.

But Robin yearns for a life that is a little more real. And it takes her almost losing everything to realize the life she's been living might not be as staged as she thought.

Mathematical Kisses is a 5,800-word short story with love, laughs, a dollop of suspense, and a happy ending. Originally published under the name Anna Lillian Wade, it is slightly steamy, but not explicit. A wonderful introduction to the writing of A. L. Wade.

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Anna Lillian Wade

Anna Lillian Wade is the romantic pen name of thriller author Jette Harris, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Her romances are laced with suspense often and snark always.

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