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Mathematical Kisses: a spy romance


Despite the glamorous-sounding job title, Secret Agent Robin Leslie wishes her life were less staged and a little more real…

When Robin took the job as a secret agent for an investigative agency, she expected Bond-like glamor and action, not sitting around in the sleepy suburbs, keeping house and waiting for the phone to ring.

Playing the cover wife rather than the spy does have perks, though: Robin gets to enjoy the affections (albeit staged) of the brilliant mathematician Elliot Leslie, whose job is to track the accounts of suspected domestic terrorist organizations and to make their fake life seem as real as possible to possible onlookers.

But Elliot Leslie with his brilliant conversation and his feigned affections are just part of the job--or so Robin believes. When they unexpectedly reach the end of their assignment, she begins to realize how real their fake marriage is...

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Anna Lillian Wade

Anna Lillian Wade is the romantic pen name of thriller author Jette Harris, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Her romances are laced with suspense often and snark always.

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