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Matthias's Miracle - A Sci-Fi Alien Romance: The Quasar Lineage Book 2

Eight young women are abducted by aliens from college, I'm one of them!

I wake from my abduction while being separated from my friends. Sore and groggy, I'm tied to a bed before I realize what's going on.

As the circumstances start to sink in, I fight until I hear a roar of rage.
At first, my rescuer scares me as much as my captors, but when I realize he's helping, he becomes my new best friend...

MATTHIAS'S MIRACLE is the sequel to BREN'S BLESSING (Book One of the Quasar Lineage).
You don't have to read Bren's Blessing in order to understand the plot, but the story will be more well rounded if you do!

PLEASE NOTE: This SciFi Romance alien book contains Adult Language and Steamy Adult Bedroom Scenes. It is intended for 18+ Readers & Adults Only.

It's part of a science fiction romance series but can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhangers!

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