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Mavis and Dot: Frolics, foibles and friendships by the seaside


"This book was a total joy from beginning to end" Welsh Annie. Top 500 Reviewer. "What a wonderful feel good read." Sarah Hardy - Top 500 reviewer. >p>Introducing two eccentric ladies who form an unlikely friendship.Meet Mavis and Dot - two colourful, retired ladies who live in Worthington-on-Sea, where there are charity shops galore. Apart from bargain hunting, they manage to tangle themselves in escapades involving illegal immigrants, night clubs, nude modelling, errant toupees and more. And then there's Mal, the lovable dog who nobody else wants. A gently humorous, often side-splitting, heart-warming snapshot of two memorable characters with past secrets and passions. Escape for a couple of hours into this snapshot of a faded, British seaside town. You'll laugh and cry but probably laugh more."This book is quirky and individual, and has great pathos...[it] will resonate with a lot of readers." Gill Kaye - Editor of Ingenu(e). Written with a light touch in memory of a dear friend who passed away from ovarian cancer, Angela Petch's seaside tale is a departure from her successful Tuscan novels. All profits from the sale of the books will go towards research into the cure for cancer.
"...Clever, touching and powerful writing... Embark on a series of adventures with Mavis and Dot but prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions." Books in my Handbag.

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Angela Petch

I'm British but a bit of a wanderer: born in Germany, I've lived and worked in Italy, Holland and East Africa. Everywhere, I've gathered stories and, being a serious bookworm and having always devoured others' books, I've now written two historical romances of my own. In 2018 I signed a two-book deal for two Tuscan novels and in November 2018 "Mavis and Dot" will be published - a departure from histfic into humour. This novella was written in memory of a dear friend who died from ovarian cancer. All profits from this sale will go to cancer research.

In London, I worked for The Times but soon moved to Amsterdam where I was p.a. cum Italian interpreter to a Dutch boss in the construction industry. Then the whole project moved to Sicily,where I met my wonderful half-Italian husband to be. We've moved around for his work and my career came (through choice) second, whilst I brought up our three children. I have always worked part-time - as a FE tutor in Italian, translator and even a B and B landlady.  Now that our three seem  settled and there are four grandchildren to bring us joy and keep them busy, it is time for me...

We live half the year in remote, "un-Chiantishire" Tuscany where we let out a beautiful restored watermill to holidaymakers from all over the world (more stories) and inbetween tending this business, I can be found exploring the Apennines and scribbling in my notebook. Visit to see where I live.

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