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Francine 2: Miss Philpott Becomes the Fascinating Mathilde


When the out of work governess, Miss Philpott, meets Francine once more, she could never guess how her life could be transformed. In the brand new Edwardian age (the age of Downton Abbey) there are many changes for women. But Miss Philpott is now forty and feels that all the innovations of the new century have little to do with her. But how wrong she is. With Francine's help she is about to become a modern woman and to discover that she has talents she could never have dreamed of. Her abilities are only limited by her imagination, and as an avid reader, Miss Philpott's imagination is prodigious.
This lighthearted novella.continues (by reader demand) the adventures of Francine, the discarded ladies maid of the original short story, whose effect on the life of all around her is joyfully empowering.
It adds romance and adventure to its tale of women emerging from the shadows to claim their own lives.
Historical chick-lit? Maybe - if that conjures humour, warmth, female liberation and the power of genuine love.
Francine's confidence and passion to life in the face of societal restrictions opens a new and exciting world to a woman almost overcome by the narrow confines of her previous existence. The rest Miss Philpott does for herself.
'Clean and wholesome'

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Alicia Cameron

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