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Where will the numbers lead?

A middle-aged rookie detective with PTSD. Her younger, attractive partner keeping secrets. A mysterious hacker who knows all about her. And a puzzling code of numbers leading to an endgame. Can she make the right decisions before time runs out?

MODI IND0RUM is Part One inTHE JARDINE TRILOGY, a story that spans several years and is told from the main character's limited third-person perspective.


When Detective Ameena "AJ" Jardine goes out on her first solo assignment, she doesn't know what to make of the number carved on a seashell in the victim's hand:55. The person died from a heroin overdose, nothing out of the ordinary considering the drug epidemic sweeping New England.

She also doesn't know what to make of D.T.F. Agent Tony Aserbbo, a younger, very attractive man who catches her attention. As a middle-aged mother and widow with P.T.S.D., she can't imagine what Tony sees in her, especially after he discovers her past.

A year later, another crime scene reunites AJ and Tony. Another victim has something unusual in her hand: a bouquet of daisies. The number of flowers?34. That death is also ruled a heroin overdose. Only this time, there's a person of interest leading them to a violent drug cartel called the Fasciata Order, an organization responsible for the heroin epidemic plaguing the region.

Will AJ ever make the connection between the numbers, even after a strange professor tells her the supposed overdose victims are connected to two other overdose cases? He proposes a serial killer is out there. How far-fetched is his idea? And what about the mysterious hacker named Copernicus who's been watching and following her? No one can find him or track him. How is he connected to the detective and the cases?

Will AJ ever be able to trust Tony after her boss drops a huge bombshell on her? Will she discover where the numbers lead before her family become the Order's next targets?


If you love witty dialogue, a diverse spectrum of characters, an intellectual challenge, and layers of perfectly woven mystery and clues-and you're not afraid of mature scenes with adult language, graphic violence, and disturbing descriptions-then you will enjoy MODI IND0RUM and the rest of the trilogy.

Each book comes with many extras:

Special chapter formatting
Images created by the author
"To the Reader" Section
Ancillary "Assignment"
Detailed Table of Contents
Maps of important places
An Appendix with additional helpful information

MODI IND0RUM is available in digital and print, with audio coming soon.

Be sure to click the "Look inside" option to see what's in store for you. If you like what you see, discover where the numbers will lead YOU and purchase your copy today.

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Karma Lei Angelo

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