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Murrain's Truth: A Trio of DCI Kenny Murrain Short Stories



MURRAIN'S TRUTH offers a trio of short stories which introduce DCI Kenny Murrain, the remarkable hero of the novel LATE CHECKOUT, and his diverse team of colleagues.
Murrain is a man who sees, hears and feels things that others do not. For a detective, it's a gift but also a curse. It allows him a unique insight into crimes and their perpetrators, but all too often tortures him with uncertainty and half-knowledge.
In 'Murrain's Truth' we learn of a key moment in Murrain's back-story and its consequences for Murrain's future. In 'Murrain's Trouble' Murrain is faced with making sense of a teenager's unexpected discovery. And in 'Murrain's Task' Murrain has to deal with the painful fall-out from the death of a young fellow officer.
MURRAIN'S TRUTH also includes the opening chapter of the DCI Murrain novel LATE CHECKOUT.

Praise for Alex Walters

'…An original page turner with a deftly executed mystery that kept me guessing' - Leigh Russell

'A talent to be reckoned with … A strong story line, muscular prose and a real sense of pace…a police procedural for a new age' - Daily Mail

'…Right up there with the best police procedural thrillers of the last few years. Expect to hear much more of Walters in the future.' - Mark Timlin

'Walters [shows]…nail-biting skill….It's a complex book, but compulsive reading…' - The Independent

'An intriguing police procedural, with a formidable sleuth…' -The Sunday Telegraph

'…A suspenseful mystery full of misdirection and terror.' - Publishers Weekly

'A blend of pulse-pounding police procedural and horror-nuanced suspense…' - Chicago Tribune

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Alex Walters

Alex has worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and now runs a consultancy working mainly in the criminal justice sector including police, prisons and probation.
As Michael Walters, he published three crime thrillers set in modern-day Mongolia, which are now being re-published as Alex Walters in completely new, re-edited versions. As Alex Walters he has written two thrillers set in and around Manchester and featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, Trust No-One and Nowhere to Hide. Late Checkout was the first in a series of crime thrillers featuring, alongside Marie Donovan, the rather distinctive DCI Kenny Murrain. The second book in the series, Dark Corners, is now available. Alex is also the author of Candles and Roses, the first in a new crime series set in Scotland's Black Isle. The second in the series, Death Parts Us, will be published in 2017.

Alex lives in Manchester with his wife, occasional sons and too many cats.

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