Mutation (Blood Survivors Book 1)

by Nerys Wheatley


Mutation is a rip-roaring, fast-paced adventure, as the world come tumbling down around your ears.

Nerys Wheatley weaves an intriguing tale of survival in the face of adversity from an insurmountable enemy.

Mutation tells the story of the resurgence of a more virulent strain of an infectious virus called Meir’s which had previously infected the globe, turning its hosts into mindless flesh-eaters.

The story follows local cop, Alex MacCallum, a survivor in more way than one, as he tries to cope with the collapse of civilization around himself and protect those he loves. Banding together with an unlikely ally in the form of Micah, a member of a vocal anti-survivor faction, together they face the challenge head on.

Our intrepid heroes fight to survive within the confines of the city as they seek to survive and find answers to how such a virulent outbreak has occurred in the first instance.

Theme of the Book

Zombies have arisen and the world’s going to hell in a hand basket (again). The enemy, of thy enemy, is my friend.

The story also focuses on the theme of people’s xenophobia toward those survivors from the initial virus. These survivors are easily identified by their irises being permanently white and having superior strength compared to normal humans. These survivors of Meir’s Disease are seen as being less than human with the misperception that they would lapse back into the mindless flesh-eating monsters they had once been, at any given time.

What I Liked about Mutation

As a fan of the original Romero movies, 28 days later and the zombie and post-apocalyptic genre as a whole, what is there not to love? The story was well-crafted, the camaraderie, dialogue and general banter between Alex and his fellow survivor Micah are brilliant and had me chuckling many a time. The world was wonderfully detailed and the eaters themselves are a horrific nemesis.

The novel was very well-paced, with plenty of action interspaced with revealing periods of character backstory that was well-timed and fitted the setting. Leading to the development of characters you truly feel a connection with and to whom I often yelled encouragement to from the sidelines during some of the more dangerous encounters with the flesh-eating hordes.

What I Didn’t Like about Mutation

Absolutely nothing. Surprisingly even at 398 pages, the adventure was over before I knew it. Guess I need to go and buy books 2 and 3 in this brilliant series.

Last Word

The book is truly a gem amongst the plethora of zombie apocalypse novels that one can find on the shelves and if books 2 and 3 are as good as the first, then they are well worth the price for the roller coaster ride you’ll find yourself on.

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