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Neighbourhood Witch (Little Changeling Book 1)


A cursed witch is the loneliest kind.

Shunned by her small community, Henny Wilson knows this very well. Suffering constant accidents, she keeps away from people for their own safety. Her only companion is the trapped spirit of a 18th century nobleman. Nathan has moved next door and wants to get to know his neighbour. He believes the curse is just in her head. As they grow closer, Nathan vows to show Henny that she doesn't have to suffer any longer.

A sweet romantic paranormal fantasy about taking chances in love and life.

Book 1 in the Little Changeling series.

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Gayle Ramage

Scottish author of light, speculative fiction. Doctor Who fan and genuinely would love to scoot around time and space in my very own TARDIS!

I also write standalone stories under the pen names Izzy Hunter and RK Moore.

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