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Nephilim Generations: Prequel novella to The Teenager's Guide to Quantum Mechanics


"This book will change how you think about everything!"

The real parents of the Nephilim are not from outer space, they're from inner space. A world they are very keen for you to know as little about as possible.
Companion novella to The Teenager's Guide to Quantum Mechanics

So what are we saving the world from? From evil. And where did evil come from? The answer is in this little book and the one that follows:

The Teenager's Guide to Quantum Mechanics.

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Avell Kro

Born on the Yorkshire coast of England, I love to write quirky books for people of all ages.

Big fan of craft beer, fine wines, cross-country skiing, and travelling. Love unwinding in nature, going to the theatre and all different kinds of music.

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