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Now Departing: Sister Station Series #2


The Skipton sister's, Paige and Rebecca, have settled into a routine with their new home, friends and challenges of turning their grandmother's dreams for the old railroad station into reality.
But just as things become comfortable, the past interrupts each sister's plans…
For Rebecca, the past comes calling in the form of an old boyfriend, along with the painful memories of their relationship. She must decide if the past's call is stronger than the present's promise of a better life. Her decision is helped along with the love and interference of friends and family. Is her faith strong enough to let her forgive?
For Paige, the past is a beginning. The beginning of Skipton Station and the history of her families place in town may be the beginning of Paige's acceptance of her new home.
Read along, share the love and laughter of the close-knit town and learn more of Skipton Station and its patrons.

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Victoria LK Williams

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