One of a Kind: A Classic Car Romance, Book 2

by Kat Drennan


One of a Kind carries on the story of the characters introduced in Mint Condition. Maddie, the main character in the first book, is now pregnant and planning her wedding to Nick. Gina, Maddie’s best friend, is in a troubled relationship with Luke, Nick’s brother. Having given Luke an ultimatum, Gina joins a classic car club, the Krewe of 53 and is happily driving her classic 1953 Corvette.

Trouble arrives in the person of an ex-con, the original owner of a Corvette Maddie is using for parts, who will do anything to get his car back. A series of tragic deaths lead to the re-opening of a cold that involves Gina in a life or death situation.

Luke must prioritize his career and his relationship with Gina; they must both work to untangle the mysteries of the past.

Theme of the Book

This is a story of love conquering the past and overcoming quandaries in the present. It is also the tale of a person denied love as a child and what happens as a result.

What I Liked About the Story

One of a Kind is a combination of romance and mystery that works in both genres. It continues the story of Maggie Kerrigan that began in Ms. Drennan’s previous novel, Mint Condition. In the current novel, Maggie is a secondary character and the action focuses on Gina, her friend and Maid of Honor at her upcoming wedding, and Gina’s boyfriend Luke, brother of Maggie’s Nick. Other characters from the previous novel make an appearance in this one. However, a reader new to Ms. Drennan’s classic car series will have no trouble following the story or understanding the characters.

The main characters in the novel, Gina and Luke, are well-drawn and easily believable. Every reader will know a Gina , a woman who has continued to put her wants and needs second to the career aspirations of her partner. Every reader will cheer as Gina finally decides that she deserves more. Gina is definitely the romantic lead in the story and her love for Luke is evident. However, she is also a strong and independent woman with her own career and her own interests.

Most readers will also know a Luke, a man who never seems to have time to express his feelings. His career comes before anything else, though this is not necessarily the result of ambition. It is more that he is trying to make up for the horrendous past and the tragic events of his youth.

The mystery in the novel is also well done. Although astute readers will have figured out who the mystery man is and what his aims are long before the end, Ms. Drennan manages to keep the suspense up and the plot moving along.

I am not a great fan of romance novels because most of the conflict in these novels stems from a failure of the protagonists to communicate. In Ms. Drennan’s novels this is not a concern. Her characters do not shy away from difficult conversations or try to hide “secrets” from their pasts. This is refreshing. It makes her novels much more readable than the average romance.

What I Didn’t Like About the Story

One of a Kind still needs a bit of editing. There are random capital letters scattered throughout in places where a capital is not needed (Jeans v jeans, for example) and one or two typos (a serving of muscles instead of mussels at a restaurant).

There were also one or two situations that didn’t seem to make sense. For example, how did Luke manage to prepare for Nick and Maggie’s wedding when, we have been told, he spends every waking hour at work?

Final Say

Unlike many romance novels, this one features adult characters who are able to talk to one another, to express their feelings and needs, and to avoid the dreaded secret from the past that ruins so many romance novel relationships. Ms. Drennan has a real knack for combining romance and mystery in one engaging story.

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