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Paranormal Alley: A Collection of Short-Stories of the Paranormal and Horror


Welcome to Paranormal Alley.

Take a stroll down Paranormal Alley and try each door as you go. Whether your fetish is murder, mayhem, the macabre, the occult, ghosts, alternate universes, or just tales with a twist, you'll be able to fulfill your wildest dreams and fantasies, here on Paranormal Alley

A collection of short-stories, focusing on the genre of horror and the paranormal, written by father and son tag-team authors, Grant and Chris Leishman.

Come on in, out of the rain, and indulge yourself - you deserve it; don't you?

As you wander your way down this long-forgotten thoroughfare, you will be scared, shocked, surprised or maybe all three at the same time. One thing you can be guaranteed is that Paranormal Alley will satisfy you.

There are 14 stories in this book (7 by each author), which explore different aspects of the genre. A perfect opportunity to compare and contrast different approaches to this genre, between authors of two generations.

Each story stands alone and is exciting and fun in its own right.

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Grant Leishman

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