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Parliament House Books : Books 1 - 3: The First Box Set


The first three novels in The Parliament House Books series: The Trial, The Order and The Bones.

Low Life in High Places in the Old Town

When Glasgow man Brogan McLane becomes an Advocate in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, he expects to find justice for all.
Instead he finds that too often the priorities of the Edinburgh boys have nothing to do with justice; rather they pursue slippery agendas of their own. Some are political, some personal, but all have their secret societies to which they have pledged their allegiance over the law. McLane is only one man, but he has right on his side.

The Trial
"Beyond excellent. I cant remember the last time I stayed up ALL night because I couldn't put a book down. The Trial did that for me. A great book." Bobbie McKinlay 5 Stars!

"Brilliant! John Mayer writes better than Grisham or Turow. A great new talent. I loved this book." Rev F 5 stars!

"Very well written, absorbing legal thriller with amazingly realistic characters. A HUGE recommendation from me and a real MUST read." Nighthawk 5 Stars!

The Order
"John Mayer is a wonderful storyteller. I loved this book. I felt like I was in Parliament House with the characters." Mrs R 5 Stars!

"Although said to be dark, I see The Parliament House Books as expressing a fundamental faith or hope that right can triumph in court. The thrill is in Mr Mayer's bruising journey. I cannot wait to begin his third novel The Bones." AC 5 Stars!

The Bones
"Never trust a junkie. In this wonderful novel, the medical and legal Establishments clash. An UNSTOPPABLE read." Bonnie K 5 stars!

"An engrossing, intelligent story though not for the faint hearted. By the end there were tears in my eyes." P Hooper 5 Stars!

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