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Pictures Of Deceit (Alex Price Book 2)


Internationally renowned art dealer, Michael Masters, returns home to Charmsbury with his long awaited 'Starlight' exhibition.
What should have been a relaxing evening turns into a nightmare for Alexandra Price, local journalist, when she appears to have been the last person to have seen Michael Masters before he vanished.
The boundaries of friendship will be pushed to the limits during Alex's foray into the art world. Has she been set up? Or could the body that washes up really be that of the famous art dealer?
Join Alex and her friends on an exciting and perilous chase across the globe to discover the truth.

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S C Richmond

S C Richmond lives in Somerset, UK, is married and runs a full-time business. When not working she spends her spare time writing between the UK and Thailand.

The Community was her debut novel and very well received, the story of the underground community seemed to catch many peoples imagination and the love story element had people melting, what more could an author ask for?

A year later followed Pictures of Deceit and out intrepid journalist is back this time delving into the art world whilst being implicated in a disappearance. 

2017 Alex is back... a tough story has to be followed after the beauty of Jack and Mary's wedding. Is there a price to pay for happiness.

Time spent writing is time well used. 

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