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Ragstone: The Liz Stone Mystery Series (A Liz Stone Mystery Book 5)


Molly is a girl who just wants to fit in. The troubled thirteen year old is looking for love in all the wrong places. Girls like Molly are easy targets for predators.
Molly's mother is concerned about Molly's choice of friends, but the single Mom has to make a living and as much as she'd like to, she can't be with her twenty-four hours a day. She sets rules but Molly breaks them.
After witnessing a hit and run accident, Molly Duckett goes missing. Police Chief Liz Stone needs to find out if Molly's disappearance is related to the crime she witnessed, or the crowd of young adults she has been hanging out with.
Liz and her partner Sophie Tenassis try to find Molly, the investigation takes them through the underbelly of the usually quiet village of Dewledge Connecticut.
Finding a missing child and investigating the hit and run of a 12 year old boy, will strain the tiny police force of Dewledge.
Can Liz enlist the help of the residents of the village to help solve these cases?

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Kathy Reynolds

After being a stay at home Mom for over 45 years, Kathy found herself at loose ends when her last child graduated from high school. One morning she woke up with a story in her head that wouldn't leave her alone. She decided to start writing and the first two books, The First Stone and Touchstone were born. At the age of 63 she became an author and hasn't stopped writing since.

Kathy lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. She loves reading, writing, cooking and gardening. One of her favorite activities is advocating for children and the people who love them.

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