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Raising A Vampire (Suckers Book 2)


Who is friend and who is foe?

Kate and her little family lead an extremely quiet life. This life is thrown into chaos when the true identity of their daughter gets out. Can Kate keep her family and her wits together?

One day, Kate makes the mistake to invite a colleague into her home. He betrays her trust and commits an act of violence. When Kate's daughter comes to the rescue, she exposes herself for what she is; a sucker child. Kate accompanies her daughter when she is imprisoned. The situation quickly spirals downhill when an old flame of Kate turns up and he resumes his quest for Kate's love.

Once more, Kate is thrown into turmoil and heartache.

Join Kate as she struggles with the amorous feelings that awaken after meeting her old flame. Feel her pain as she loses the friendship of a good friend, as she pushes her daughter away from her instead of keeping her on the right path, and as she tries to stay faithful to her partner.

Can Kate keep her family and her wits together?

Some reviews received:

"Honestly, I loved this book."
"The plot is full of unexpected twists."
"The monster of all emotional rollercoasters."
"A ride through the unexpected and sure to peak your curiosity."
"There's some nice wit on show to keep everything from getting too dark."
"It's a fast read, that races through a short time span, that did keep me turning the pages."
"Ms. Dahlhaus reinvigorates those old bitey routines with a bit of smart storytelling while managing to make insightful comments on our society."

This book was first published in March 2016 under the name 'Succedaneum.' This is the second edition.

The Prequel of the Suckers Trilogy, 'Releasing A Vampire,' is a novelette about how the virus was released into the world and introduces the main characters of the Suckers Trilogy.

Book 1, 'Living Like A Vampire,' begins the Suckers Trilogy with the story of Kate as a young science teacher who, with her friends, flee the sucker-attack during Black October by hiding at a campground in the countryside. They are safe there... until things go very wrong.

In Book 3, 'Killing A Vampire,' we forward three years after Book 2. Kate comes home one day and finds her partner missing. The police don't think there's foul play at hand and aren't doing much until Kate receives a horrifying parcel on her doorstep, revealing it's the past that is back to haunt Kate. Nevertheless, Kate needs to ponder the question if her relationship really was all she thought it was...

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Jacky Dahlhaus

Jacky Dahlhaus is a mother of twins (plural, if you call dogs part of the family), and, after more than twenty-five years, still in a loving relationship with the same husband. She writes vampire romances and short horror stories from her Chippendale desk in their Victorian schoolhouse in Scotland.

Jacky is a fan of books titled 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Urshurak,' 'Shogun,' 'Disk World' novels, and 'The Dragonriders of Pern.' Movies she can watch over and over again are 'Highlander' (but only the first one as there can be only one!), the 'Blade' trilogy, and all the 'Underworld' installments (with 'Rise of the Lycans' her favorite). This should give you an idea of what you can expect from her novels. She does her utmost best to combine components of all of the above into her writing (although dragons still haven't made an appearance). 

Should you want to try a sample of her work, you can get her novelette, which is the prequel to her (vampire romance) Suckers Trilogy, for FREE at her website: Just sign up for her newsletter and you'll get the link to download it from BookFunnel. She warns you, though, that it isn't as funny as the novels from the Suckers Trilogy, but it's up to you to decide this for yourself. 

If you want to connect with Jacky, you can find her on Twitter under @JackyDahlhaus and on Facebook under @JackyDahlhausWriter. You can send her emails about the Suckers Trilogy via, or about other stuff via She'd love to hear from you. 

Jacky regularly writes on her blog about all thing writing, fun stuff, and whatnots. Why not check it out:

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